Xingchao (XC) Chen

Xingchao (XC) Chen

  • Assistant Professor of Meteorology
601 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802


My primary research interests involve tropical meteorology and data assimilation. For more information, please check out my website: XC's Website

Selected Publications

  • Chen, X., Leung, L. R., Feng, Z., & Song, F. (2022). Crucial Role of Mesoscale Convective Systems in the Vertical Mass, Water, and Energy Transports of the South Asian Summer Monsoon, J. Climate, 35(1), 91-108.
  • Hartman, C. M., Chen, X., Clothiaux, E. E., and Chan, M. (2021). Improving the Analysis and Forecast of Hurricane Dorian (2019) with Simultaneous Assimilation of GOES-16 All-Sky Infrared Brightness Temperatures and Tail Doppler Radar Radial Velocities, Mon. Wea. Rev.
  • Chen, X., Leung, L. R., Feng, Z., Song, F., & Yang, Q. (2021). Mesoscale convective systems dominate the energetics of the South Asian summer monsoon onset. Geophys. Res. Lett., 48, e2021GL094873.
  • Chen, X. and Zhang, F. (2019), Development of a Convection-Permitting Air-Sea-Coupled Ensemble Data Assimilation System for Tropical Cyclone Prediction, Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 11.
  • Chan, M., F. Zhang, Chen, X., and L. R. Leung (2020), Potential Impacts of Assimilating All-Sky Satellite Infrared Radiances on Convection-Permitting Analysis and Prediction of Tropical Convection. Mon. Wea. Rev., 148, 3203–3224,