METEO Photo Contest

Das Icicles

2021 Entry by Abhisek Das, "Icicles on a roof edge on a sunny morning", State College, PA 2021

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Overview & Awards

Entry is open to graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff and post-docs of the Department of Meteorology at Penn State.

All images must be "Weather" or "Climate" related and will be judged by a panel defined by the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. Images will be judged based upon artistry, visual impact, originality and topic. The panel will choose a maximum of 4 winning images. While images of any size and quality will be considered, the Department plans to print and display the winning photographs and so image size is an important consideration and may influence the panel's decisions.

First place - $400
Second place - $250
Third place - $100
Honorable mention - $50

Official Rules

  1. Deadline for entry is Friday, March 22, 2024
  2. Limit of 2 entries per person, 1 winning entry per person.  
  3. Photos should be submitted via the online form and photos should be titled with your last name.  No photos will not be considered without the  METpics Entry Form
  4. Only original work may be submitted. If the image has been published, appropriate written permission from the publication will be needed to participate in the METEO Photo contest. 
  5. The work must be submitted with a completed and signed METpics Entry Form. This form should be uploaded onto the online form with the photos.
  6. File formats: Please submit your photos in either .tif, .jpeg or png format 

Harrison Sincavage 2017 Tornado OK

 Honorable Mention 2017: Harrison Sincavage: TEF-3 Tornado moves north towards Dodge City, KS

Image Usage Rights

While the participant will retain copyright of their work, entry in this contests constitutes agreement that the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science and Penn State University may use any work submitted for promotional purposes.

These images may be used in graphic material such as posters, brochures, newsletters, etc., or displayed throughout the department. 

Steven Naegele 2017 Frozen mist on binoculars, Niagara Falls NY

Steven Naegele 2017 Frozen mist on binoculars, Niagara Falls NY