Tropical Meteorology

The study of atmospheric structure and behavior in the areas astride the Equator, roughly between 30° north and south latitude. The weather and climate of the tropics involve phenomena such as trade winds, hurricanes, intertropical convergence zones, jet streams, monsoons, and the El Niño Southern Oscillation.

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Hurricane season is never over for Penn State meteorology professor, Jenni Evans


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Jenni L. Evans

  • Extratropical transition (ET) of tropical cyclones
  • Tropical cyclogenesis and African Easterly Waves (AEWs)
  • Subtropical cyclone genesis and evolution
  • Factors governing TC intensity and links to the TC boundary layer

Gregory S. Jenkins

Weather hazards in the form of mesoscale convective systems, Saharan dust storms and tropical cyclones in the Eastern Atlantic pose a threat to continental, coastal zones and the Island Nation of Cape Verde.  Tropical cyclone formation over the Eastern Atlantic also poses a threat to downstream communities of the Caribbean, the United States and Central America.  Limited real-time weather forecasts and observations do not provide the necessary protection or provide a complete picture of how vulnerable communities in West Africa are being impacted.     

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