College of EMS Faculty Advisory Committee
This group serves as a liaison between EMS faculty and the Dean.
College of EMS Faculty Performance Review Committee (5 Year Reviews)
This is a college of EMS committee that reviews the dossiers of tenured faculty that are up for 5-year review. The committee includes one tenured faculty member from each department in the college.
College of EMS P&T Committee Representative
This tenure-track faculty member sits on the College of Earth and Mineral Science's Promotion and Tenure Committee, which is responsible for reviewing the dossiers of tenure-track faculty who are up for promotion or tenure each year.
Computer Committee
The computer committee provides guidance and leadership to promote the current and future computing needs of the Department's academic and research programs. The committee meets formally twice a year and informally through email discussion as needed. The committee provides recommendations to the Department Head and Faculty through the Department's Director of Meteorology Computing.
Fixed Term & Research Faculty Promotion Committee
This is a College of EMS Committee comprised of representatives from throughout the College. They are charged with reviewing dossiers and recommending cases for promotion among the Fixed Term and Research Faculty.
FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee
This committee serves as a voice for the fixed term and research faculty to address concerns and disseminate information pertaining to policies and issues of fixed term faculty and research appointments.
Graduate Academic Program (GAP)
The Graduate Academic Program committee reviews the Meteorology graduate program and oversees the progress that students are making toward achieving their degrees. All proposed revisions to the MS and PhD degree requirements originate in this committee. The committee meets and makes recommendations to the departmental faculty as needed throughout the year.
Graduate Admissions Committee
The Graduate Admissions Committee reviews graduate program applications and assists Meteorology's Associate Head of the Graduate Program on decisions for admission.
Graduate Advisory Council (GAC)
The GAC serves as the oversight committee for all graduate student elected representatives. All student-elected representatives meet monthly at GAC meetings with the GAC chair and a faculty member who serves as the faculty liaison. All graduate students are welcome to suggest issues and to attend GAC meetings.
Meteorology Promotion & Tenure Committee
This is a department committee that reviews tenure-track promotion and tenure dossiers before they are submitted to the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Committee updated for 2017-2018.
Opportunities Committee
The Opportunities Committee meets once or twice a year, as the need arises, to discuss potential opportunities that the department would like to pursue. This committee also serves as a mechanism to help promote faculty for awards and honors.
Scholarship Committee
The scholarship committee is charged with distributing most student scholarships and awards in the Department of Meteorology and a few at the college level. They meet several times a year to evaluate award and scholarship criteria and make selections and recommendations.
Undergraduate Academic Program (UGAP)
The Undergraduate Academic Program committee reviews the Meteorology undergraduate program and oversees the regular assessment of how well the BS degree requirements are meeting the departmental program objectives and outcomes. All proposed revisions to the BS degree requirements originate in this committee. The committee meets and makes recommendations to the departmental faculty as needed throughout the year.