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Why Penn State Meteorology and Atmospheric Science?

  • We have a solid reputation for excellence and breadth in our academic program in atmospheric science and traditional meteorology, in teaching, and research. 
  • Our faculty are recognized world-wide and are often pioneering research in areas such as climate, cloud physics, weather risk, oceanography, mesoscale meteorology, ozone, air pollution, and much more.

  • Our program spans all aspects of the atmosphere and environment and reaches across disciplines such as business and finance, agriculture, engineering, and computer science.

  • We have state-of-the-art facilities and promote many research and learning opportunities outside the classroom.  We have the largest, student-run, campus weather service, and we are home to the Pennsylvania State Climatologist.

  • We take an active role in promoting internship and employment opportunities for our students by hosting our own career fair each spring. 

  • We have a modern, Joel N. Myers Weather Center that boasts an 18-panel electronic map wall for use in teaching, service, and learning. The Myers Weather Center takes a student-centered approach with a cafe and lounge area for studying and socializing.

  • We have over 4,000 successful (and quite proud) alumni working in all levels of government, private industry, the military, tv, and education.  

  • We're confident that you'll hear good things about Penn State during your search for the right school.