About the Weather Communications Group

The Weather Communications Group (WCG) is a microcosm of the three-fold mission of the land-grant university:

The members of the Weather Communication Group are actively involved in teaching undergraduate synoptic meteorology classes (Meteo 413, 415, 416) along with the courses related to the weather communications option (481-485).

The Weather Communications Group promotes research in a variety of subjects related to weather forecasting and the communication with the public.

The group houses the Pennsylvania State Climate Office that explores various new applications of weather and climate information to state agencies and businesses. The State Climate Office offers up to a dozen students each semester the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of applied climatology.

The Weather Communication Group also produces a weeknight 15-minute weather program from the department television studio seen across the Commonwealth on Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN). The group continues to provide a daily weather broadcast to Penn State's Public Television Station (WPSX), a partnership which spans several decades. The group sponsors several weather camps, one for teachers and another for middle- and high-school students, each summer.


Through innovative teaching, creative internships, and effective service projects, the Weather Communications Group seeks to supplement the excellent academic program for undergraduates and select graduate students in the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science.