Bruno Rojas

Bruno Rojas

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student
402 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802


  1. B.S. Meteorology - SUNY Oswego
  2. M.S. Meteorology - Penn State


My research interests include secondary eyewall formation in tropical cyclones using flight level and airborne radar data, and tropical cyclone electrification.

Past Research:

Rojas, B.S., J.A. Zhang: An Observational Study of Secondary Eyewall Formation in Hurricane Ivan (2004). American Meteorological Society 100th Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, January 2020

Rojas, B.S., S. Skubis: Lightning Characteristics of Hurricane Florence (2018) During an Eyewall Replacement Cycle. 45th Northeastern Storm Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY, March 2020