Quinn Mulhern

Quinn Mulhern

  • M.S. Graduate Student

Email: qrm5008@psu.edu


  1. B.S. Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, The Pennsylvania State University (2022)



  • S. J. Greybush, T. D. Sikora, G. S. Young, Q. Mulhern, R. D. Clark, and M. Jurewicz, 2021: Elevated Mixed Layers in the Lower Troposphere during Great Lake Lake-effect Events: A Case Study from OWLeS. In preparation to be submitted to Monthly Weather Review.

Presentation (Poster)

  • Mulhern, Q.R. (2021, January). Characteristics and Formation Mechanisms of Elevated Mixed Layers Associated With Lake-Effect Convection, 20th Annual AMS Student Conference, New Orleans, LA (virtual).