J. Michael Fritsch

J. Michael Fritsch

  • Distinguished Professor of Meteorology Emeritus

Email: jmf6@psu.edu


  1. PhD -- Colorado State University


Research Interests

Convective storms, extratropical and tropical cyclones, mesoscale analysis and forecasting, numerical weather prediction.

Selected Publications

Fritsch, J. M., J.  Hilliker, J. Ross, and R. L. Vislocky, 2000:  Model Consensus. Wea. and Forecasting,
15, 571-582.

Bryan, G. and J. M. Fritsch, 2000:   Moist absolute instability: The sixth static stability state.
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 a mesoscale model.  Mon. Wea. Rev., 128, 2560-2574.

Bryan, G. and J. M. Fritsch, 2000:   Discrete propagation of surface fronts in a convective environment:
Observations and theory.  J. Atmos. Sci., 57, 2041-2060.

Pontrelli, M., G. Bryan  and J. M. Fritsch, 1999:   The 1995 Madison County, Virginia flash flood.  Wea.
and Forecasting, 14, 384-404.

Kain, J. S. and J. M. Fritsch, 1998:   Multiscale convective overturning in mesoscale convective systems:    Reconciling observations, simulations and theory.   Mon. Wea. Rev., 126, 2254-2273.

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of ceiling and visibility.    Wea. and Forecasting, 12, 31-43.

Miner, T.J., and J.M. Fritsch, 1997: Lake-effect rain events. Monthly Weather Review, 125, 3231-3248.

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