John M Peters

John M Peters

  • Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
515 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802


  1. 2015 Colorado State University, Ph.D. Atmospheric Science
  2. 2012 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, M.S. Mathematics,
  3. 2010 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, B.S. Mathematics,

Research Specialties:

Atmospheric Dynamics:

Cloud dynamics

Clouds and Cloud Physics:

Moist thermodynamics

Mesoscale Meteorology:

Mesoscale convective systems, supercells

Numerical Weather Prediction:

Idealized numerical modeling

Convection Studies:

Convective dynamics, moist thermodynamics


I am excited by anything and everything related to moist atmospheric convection - particularly the stormy variety. My research group studies the inner workings of cumulus clouds and thunderstorms using a mixture of theory, computer simulations, and real-world observations. This research contributes to improvements in weather and climate forecasting.