John C. Wyngaard

John C. Wyngaard

  • Professor Emeritus of Meteorology
  • Joint appointment with the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Joint appointment with the GeoEnvironmental Engineering Program



  1. PhD -- The Pennsyvlania State University

Research Specialties:

Boundary Layer and Turbulence:


  • Member of the Graduate Faculty
  • Earth System Science Center Faculty

Research Interests

Turbulence, micrometeorology, planetary boundary layer modeling and parameterization, instrumentation. 

Teaching Interests

Atmospheric turbulence and diffusion, instrumentation, boundary-layer meteorology. 

Dr. Wyngaard studies turbulence in the atmosphere through direct observations and supercomputer simulation. He is interested in new observational approaches, including ground-based remote sensing, as well as measurements from towers and aircraft. He studies the dynamic performance of turbulence sensors. Using the large-eddy-simulation technique, he is developing new representations of turbulence effects in meteorological and oceanographic models of local to global scales.

Selected Publications

Wyngaard, J.C., and R.A. Brost, 1984: Top-down and bottom-up diffusion of a scalar in the convective boundary layer. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 41, 102-112. 

Wyngaard, J.C., 1986: Measurement physics. Probing the Atmospheric Boundary Layer, D. Lenschow, Ed., American Meteorological Society, 5-18. 

Wyngaard, J.C., 1988: Structure of the PBL. Lectures on Air-Pollution Modeling, A. Venkatram and J.C. Wyngaard, Eds., American Meteorological Society, 9-61. 

Wyngaard, J.C., 1990: Scalar fluxes in the planetary boundary layer -- Theory, modeling, and measurement. Boundary Layer Meteorology, 50, 49-75. 

Wyngaard, J.C., 1992: Atmospheric turbulence. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 24, 205-233.