New dual-title doctoral degree in climate science launched

A particular focus of the program is on understanding the impact of human activities on climate and understanding and predicting natural climate variation.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Climate science is a field devoted to the study of Earth’s climate in the past, present and future. Understanding the Earth’s future climate is vital, and in response Penn State has established a new dual-title doctoral program in climate science.

“In the past, climate science was often viewed as this niche field, but it’s starting to become integrated with everything else because climate impacts are pervasive,” said Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science and program coordinator. “Climate change is affecting our food and water supplies, coastal management and national security, and every other facet of our built and natural environment.”

Expertise in climate science is relevant across many disciplines, and Mann said this program was developed to meet the increasing demand for climate information.

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New dual-title doctoral degree in climate science launched