Penn State Meteorology alumnus reflects on Joe Paterno

Timothy Buckley received his BS from the Penn State Meteorology Department in 2009 and currently works as an on-air meteorologist at WWAY News 3 covering southeastern North Carolina.  At WWAY 3, he has his own blog, called appropriately "Buckley's Blog." 


Remembering Joe: Penn State loses its legend

Monday, January 23, 2012

I didn't grow up a Penn State fan. I didn't grow up idolizing Joe Paterno. Sure, I knew who he was -- saw him on ESPN, knew he'd won a whole bunch of football games -- but I didn't really know much about the man some called "a living legend". That all changed when I rolled into State College for my freshmen year at Penn State in 2005.

Today, myself and other Penn Staters are sad. Sad not for the loss of a football coach, but for the loss of a man who meant much more to us than others can probably understand. I'll try my best to explain it from our perspective, and why he made Penn State a special place to be.

I'd picked Penn State

for a number of reasons. It had pretty much everything I was looking for: a top notch meteorology program, an excellent marching band, a picturesque setting, and the quintessential “college town” atmosphere.

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