Penn State Meteorology alumnus, Paul Dorian, provides detailed forecasts for Mid-Atlantic region

Paul Dorian, meteorologist with The SI Organization, provides detailed forecasts for employee locations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Paul Dorian received Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in meteorology (1981, 1983) from Penn State University.  As a grad student, Paul worked with Dr. Gregory Forbes, currently with The Weather Channel, and Dr. John Cahir, Professor of Meteorology Emeritus and former Dean of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.  Paul has been working since 1990 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania with The SI Organization, Inc. (the SI) which was formerly part of Lockheed Martin.  He has developed a weather website for the company which can be accessed at  The web site includes Paul’s own forecasts for the company’s employee and customer locations in the Philadelphia, Washington, DC and New York City metropolitan regions.  The website highlights the Penn State “e-WALL” site as the top “Favorite Weather Link” and “e-WALL” is cited often during the video map discussions available on the website. 

As a remote-sensing industry leader, The SI Organization, Inc. has provided systems engineering solutions for state-of-the-art sensor technology and end-to-end imagery analysis and has been heavily involved with weather-related activities throughout its 40-year history.  The SI currently employs other former Penn State meteorology and engineering students and has an active working relationship with the Applied Research Laboratory.  In addition to “e-WALL”, Paul cites frequently the many “forecasting tidbits” that he learned while at Penn State in the forecast and video discussions.  For example, he has often cited Dr. Cahir’s “rule of thumb” for predicting snowstorms in the Northeast US:  “make sure there is a strong high to the north.”  Paul is truly a part of a Penn State family as he met his wife, Michele Monastero Dorian (Biology, 1982), at Penn State, and their three children are currently attending Penn State: Pamela Dorian (Political Science, Philosophy, Communications, 2012), Tracey Dorian (Meteorology, 2012) and Christopher Dorian (Business, 2014). 

For more information on Paul, please visit his bio on The SI Organization's website.


Paul has also developed the web site for his company.  The web site can be viewed by visiting: