2019 Photo Contest Winners

Results of the 2019 photo contest

Markowski Photo 2019

  • First Place: Paul Markowski; "Thunderstorm at sunset near White Deer, Texas" May 17, 2018

Dong Wan Kim Photo 2019

  • Second Place: Dong Wan (Lewis) Kim; "Gravity wave before sunrise", Champaign, IL Oct., 2016

Syrett photo 2019

  • Third Place: Bill Syrett; "Strong winds, volcanic sands and fresh snow are the recipe for 'cinnamon roll' snow rollers" near Vik, Iceland, March 8, 2018

B. Smith photo 2019

  • Honorable Mention: Brandon Smith; "Large cloud-to-ground lightning bolt strikes the ground beneath a mesocyclone in the midwest", Arkansas City, KS, May 14, 2018