Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS)

Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS)

Participating in the SOAS project from Penn State are Dr, William Brune, David Miller (Researcher), Li Zhang (Graduate Student), and Philip Feiner (Undergrad)

Li Zhang on tower, Alabama SOAS research

Graduate student Li Zhang in Alabama, SOAS research 

What is SOAS?

It is a six-week field campaign taking place in Alabama during the summer of 2013 that focuses on the study of biosphere-atmosphere interactions

Who Are We?

SOAS is comprised of a collaborative team of scientists and filmmakers, from numerous colleges/universities and institutions from around the world with the same goals in mind: to better understand biosphere-atmosphere interactions and to convey these ideas in a way that the general public can not only understand, but find engaging.

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