Financial Aid and Scholarships

Incoming Freshman Scholarships

Meteorology and Atmospheric Science offers a limited number of scholarships to incoming freshman based on academic merit and/or financial need, which are contingent on accepting your offer from Penn State with the intention of enrolling in the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science major.  You do not need to apply for these scholarships; if you are selected by the department scholarship committee, an offer letter will be sent to your home address, typically between mid-February and mid-March.  Generally speaking, freshman scholarships are renewed in the sophomore year given you maintain the GPA specified in your scholarship offer letter.

In addition to Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science scholarships, the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences and other areas at the University offer scholarships to incoming freshmen.  Notification of these scholarships vary in their timing, but most scholarship offers are sent within the mid-February to April timeline.  Unfortunately, in the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, we cannot view or access information on other scholarships you may be offered or are receiving.

How to Apply

Applications are not required for Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science scholarships; you will be contacted via U.S. mail (typically mid-February to mid-March) if you have been selected for an incoming freshman scholarship.    

Meteorology Awards

Most Meteorology and Atmospheric Science awards are given to sophomores through seniors, although there are a limited number of awards that freshmen may qualify for.  For a full list of award opportunities and the eligibility criteria, please visit the link to the right.  >> Meteorology Awards

External (to Penn State) Scholarships and Awards

Only scholarships available to incoming freshmen are listed below.  For a list of external scholarships for upperclassmen, please visit the Current Students section of our website.  

Penn State Office of Student Aid

Scholarships are only a part of a well-developed college-financing plan. The University's Office of Student Aid (link is external) is an essential partner in creating that plan. Be sure to investigate the many sources of aid they offer. 

Scholarships and Awards for Upperclassmen

More information about scholarships and awards for juniors and seniors can be found by visiting the Current Students section of our website.

If you want to be eligible for College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Scholarships as an upperclassman, you must complete the EMS scholarship application every year by April 15.  The EMS scholarship application form is available from the EMS Student Center in 25 Deike Building or can be completed online using the link to the right..     >> EMS Scholarship Application

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