Valerian Jewtoukoff

Valerian Jewtoukoff

  • Post Doctoral Scholar
406 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802


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Jewtoukoff, V., T. Allard, R. Plougonven, and A. Hertzog, 2016 : Interannual variability of the gravity waves in ERA-Interim. (in preparation for J. Atmos. Sci.)

de la Camara, A., F. Lott, V. Jewtoukoff, R. Plougonven, and A. Hertzog, 2016: On the gravity wave forcing during the Southern stratospheric final warming in LMDZ. (accepted in J. Atmos. Sci.)

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Jewtoukoff, V., A. Hertzog, R. Plougonven, A. de la Camara, and F. Lott, 2015 : Comparison of gravity waves in the Southern Hemisphere derived from balloon observations and the ECMWF analyses. J. Atmos. Sci. 72, 3449-3468.

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