Sue Ellen Haupt

Sue Ellen Haupt

  • Scientific Program Manager, Weather Systems Assessment Program, NCAR and
  • Affiliate Professor of Meteorology, Department of Meteorology

Phone: (303) 497-2763


  1. PhD -- University of Michigan


Chair, American Meteorological Society Committee on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Environmental Science 

Research Interests

Atmospheric Dispersion, Turbulence Theory, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Dynamic Meteorology, Coherent Structures, Numerical Modeling, Artificial Intelligence Methods, GeneticAlgorithms, Iterative Methods, Inverse Methods, Spectral Methods, Nonlinear Systems in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Dynamical Systems, Nonlinear Wave Mechanics, Physical Oceanography

Selected Publications


Practical Genetic Algorithms, 2nd Editon, with CD, R.L. Haupt and S.E. Haupt, John Wiley & Sons, 2004, 253pp.
(see or Wiley homepage for more info)

Practical Genetic Algorithms, R.L. Haupt and S.E. Haupt, John Wiley & Sons, 1998, 177pp.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence Methods in Environmental Science, ed. S.E. Haupt, C. Marzban, and A. Pasini, in preparation under contract with Springer. (S.E. Haupt author of 3 chapters plus primary editor)

Journal and Conference Publications

Please refer to the complete list on my personal home page.