Scott A. Isard, Dr.

Scott A. Isard, Dr.

  • Professor of Aerobiology
  • Departments of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology and Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
205 Buckhout Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-6290


  1. PhD – Indiana University



Integrated Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (iPiPE)

Research Interests

  • Biological and meteorological factors that govern the aerial movement of biota
  • Aerobiology, integrated pest management, food safety, and biosecurity
  • Applications of integrative aerobiology forecasting systems to resistance management, sustainable agriculture issues, and investigations of impacts of climate change on society

Teaching Interests

  • Aerobiology
  • Detection, dynamics and diagnostics of agricultural pests and pathogens

Selected Publications

  • Galan, C., A Ariatti, M. Bonini, B. Clot, B. Crouzy, A. Dahl, C. Fernandez-Gonzalez, G. Frenguelli, R. Gehrig, S. Isard, E. Levetin, D.W. Li, P. Mandrioli, C.A. Rogers and M. Thibaudon. 2017. Recommended terminology for aerobiological studies. Aerobiologia 33:293–295.

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