Borden Forest

Borden Forest imageThe Borden Forest is the Environment Canada environmental research station.  The site is located 80 km northwest of Toronoto, Ontatio, Canada.  This  45-m flux tower has been in continuous operation since 1993 to investigate atmospheric controls on carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes.  It is currently one of the AMERIFLUX research sites. One of my early investigations at Borden was to examine the influence of foliage wetness on ozone depostion processes. Later, collarating with Environment Canada scientists, I studied the hydrocarbon production rates from the local forest and associated photochemical processing inside and above the plant canopy.  In recent years, the focus of this research has been on carbon sequestration by the local mixed deciduous forest.  At present, we are developing biospheric modeling systems to investigate the interactions between the physical climate and forests, and their associated consequences on the exchanges of carbon, water, and energy between the forest and overlying atmosphere.  During the fall 2004, a new tower was installed to replaced the old which was exhibiting signs of corrosion.  Ralf Staebler, a scientist with Environment Canada, is now leading the reseearch efforts at the Borden Forest.