'Hold on to your hamburgers'

"Welcome to Salina ... the heart of Tornado Alley. We experience a lot of extreme weather here," said Koch, the director of Saline County Emergency Management.

Many of the 50 people in his Wednesday audience in a rented Salina Municipal Airport hangar were meteorologists and chemists visiting as part of the Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry project, also known as DC3, that is based in Salina through June 30. The group will study weather by flying into Oklahoma, eastern Colorado and Alabama from the Salina airport.

In his PowerPoint presentation, Koch explained weather warnings and precautions to take using photos from the April 14 tornadoes that rattled and damaged areas around Salina and video from events in other areas.

One clip was of a man in Mississippi lamenting the loss of a hamburger that was ripped from his hand during a tornado.

"That storm ate his lunch," Bill Brune quipped. The professor of meteorology at Penn State University is a principal investigator with the project.

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