Scripps Climate Researcher to Receive Top Honor from Penn State

Richard Somerville's 50-year career since graduating from Penn State to be recognized

Scripps Institution of Oceanography / University of California, San Diego

Richard Somerville, a distinguished professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego, will receive the Distinguished Alumni Award from Penn State University, the school's highest honor bestowed on individuals.

The university recognized Somerville in its citation "for his distinguished career as an atmospheric scientist and his contributions to the field of climate change science."

The award will be presented June 4 on the Penn State campus in University Park, Pa. "I am greatly honored to receive this award," Somerville said, "and it comes on an important anniversary too. This year marks 50 years since my graduation from Penn State, which makes the award indeed very special to me."

Somerville's interest in meteorology began when he was 10 years old and read his first book on the subject. His journey as a self-described weather buff led to a career studying meteorology and atmospheric phenomena. In addition, Somerville has also been a noted commentator on climate change science and has authored a popular book on the subject: The Forgiving Air: Understanding Environmental Change. A revised and updated edition of this award-winning book was published in 2008.

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