Penn State provides high-resolution model forecasts for Vancouver Olympics

Vancouver marks the third Olympic games for which David Stauffer, Senior Research Associate and Associate Professor of Meteorology, and fellow researchers (Glenn Hunter, Aijun Deng,  Annette Gibbs, Jeff Zielonka, Karen Tinkelpaugh, Brian Guadet, and Brian Reen) have provided high-resolution modeling forecasts. 

You may visit the website below to view the modeling forecasts that were customized for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, including assimilation of the special Canadian data (e.g., mesonet, wind profiler, Canadian sondes 4X per day).   Note: parts of the web site are still in the process of being customized for Olympics use.

The standard realtime site ( includes pre-forecast assimilation of only standard WMO surface and sondes, and the special Canadian sondes.