Forecast discussions slated for Fridays during fall semester

My name is Nicholas Geyer, a Senior in Meteorology and the newest Chi Epsilon Pi president.  Here we are facing another long semester (or short depending on your definition) filled with football, classwork, and of course METEO DEPARTMENT FORECAST DISCUSSIONS!  Wait what are forecast discussions? put it simply they are simply a light talk about who you are, what your work is, and about a half hour forecast of the current and future weather patterns across the country and local area.  This discussion is informal and totally up to the discussion leader on what they would like to focus on.  These discussions will be every Friday from 10-11 in room 112 Walker (room may be subject to change) starting Friday September 11th, 2009 and will continue until the week before Finals Week.

So what do I need? I need you, yes you, our distinguished faculty and graduate students, to rise to the occasion, practice your skills, and deliver a knock-out discussion as many of you have done in the past.  You can volunteer for 1, 2, maybe even 5 discussions; as many as your heart desires, but in order to sign up for a discussion, please send me this information ASAP.  Please contact me for available dates.

I look forward to working and listening to all of you this up coming semester.