METEO 482 - Forensics Section

Weather Communications II -- Forensics Section

Meteo 482 - Weather Communications II -- Forensics Section

Spring 2018     T,R 10:35-11:50

Bill Syrett

Office Hours: W 7:00-10:00 and by Appointment 

Goal:       To create an interdisciplinary environment where the learners will gain skills in communication and investigation related to applications in the non-science world

Specifics:  You will apply your meteorological knowledge to a legal setting, where you must: 

  • know how to apply your scientific skills to a particular case
  • know the limitations of your data
  • honestly/reasonably express potential error in your analysis
  • understand the courtroom and or discovery process
  • be familiar with certain relevant cases and doctrines 



  • concise, clear peer presentations
  • concise report writing
  • effective small teamwork 


  • effective data search
  • effective presentation of data/results
  • proper use of time

Outcomes of Assignment (100 points, * denotes group grade)

  • follow the three fundamental forensic science principles
  • well-written, logically organized and concise report (*)
  • intelligent, confident and concise oral presentation of data with readily understandable graphics for a non-scientific audience (jury, possibly)
  • relatively equal and fair division of labor among group members
  • ability to “think on your feet” and answer unscripted questions

Teaching Outline (Forensics Section Only- All homework due at start of next class)

Class 1: Faculty introduction. Section syllabus. Forensic science overview. Data sources revisited.  Reading assigned.

Class 2: Brief quiz on assigned reading and first lecture. Courtroom procedure. Expected Value of a Case. Homework 1 assigned.

Class 3: Homework discussion. Forensic reports revisited, homework 2 assigned.

Primary assignments introduced, pairs formed.

Class 4: Primary assignment outline due and discussed in class by group.

Class 5: Primary assignment rough draft due, returned before 3:00pm. Break-out sessions.

Class 6: Primary report due, 2 copies.  Reports given to opposition team.

Class 7: Presentation of facts, questions & answers. 

Grading (Forensics Only)

30 points (30%) Final Written Report (Group)

20 points (20%) Oral Presentation (Individual)

20 points (20%) Question Quality

10 points (10%) Brief Report (Early Homework)

10 points (10%) Expected Value Exercise (Early Homework)

10 points (10%) In-Class Quiz(zes)