METEO 482 - Weather Communications II

Instructors: Bill Syrett, Marisa Ferger, Fred Gadomski, Ray Ban Course Meeting Time/Location: T,R 9:45-11:00, Weather Center Classroom (607 Walker)

Available Support:  No Tutors – see Chi Epsilon Pi for assistance

Weather Delays/Cancellations (you can hope):

Course Designation:  This is a required course for the Weather Communications option 

Prerequisite:  Meteo 481 (C grade or better) 

Course Description:  This course will delve more deeply into the subject matter of Meteorology 481. The structure of the class will start with a session on industrial applications. Then beginning in early February, the middle portion of Meteo 482, will hone your presentation skills while (hopefully) solidifying your knowledge of some basic “tools of the trade” meteorologists use to produce their forecasts and look at details and the climate/weather enterprise. This portion of the class will continue until early April when forensic applications will conclude the semester. 

Textbook:  None 

Supplementary Readings:  As designated by Instructors

Internet Materials:  See  (Angel) 

Assessment:  Session grades will be normalized and averaged.  In addition, there is no final exam, but…

An E-Portfolio of your work from Meteo 481 and 482 will be required by the last day of this class (April 28, 2016).

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