METEO 482 Syrett SP2015

Weather Communications II -- Industrial Section METEO 482 Instructor: Bill Syrett T,R 9:45-11:00

Meteo 482 - Weather Communications II -- Industrial Section

Spring 2015
T,R 9:45-11:00
Bill Syrett
Office Hours: W 7:00-10:00 and by Appointment

To create an interdisciplinary environment where the learners will gain skills in communication and investigation related to appli- cations in the non-science world


You will develop a TOOL that industry can use, and in fact will want to use, to make money. 

You must:

  • know your target’s business
  • know the science of meteorology
  • prove to the business that your product is unique
  • support yourselves on the money you’ll get paid for this tool
  • convince your target audience they will make more money if
  • they pay you for your product


  • Communication
    • peer presentations
    • report writing
    • effective teamwork
  • Investigation
    • literature search
    • internet exploration
    • adaptation

Outcomes of Assignment (150 points, * denotes group grade)

  • logical index development (*)
  • well-written, logically organized report with references (*)
  • intelligent and confident oral presentation of plan with readily
  • understandable graphics for a non-scientific audience
  • relatively equal and fair division of labor among group members

Teaching Outline (Industrial Section Only)

  • Class 1: Discussion of weather indices, development. In-class assignment
    Industry profile handout, homework. Group formation.
  • Class 2: Guest speaker.
  • Class 3: Homework due. Specialty index development. Break-out session.
  • Class 4: Progress reports, report outlines due, work on detailed outlines.
  • Class 5: Draft report due.
  • Class 6: Break-out session: draft comments from instructor. Final organization of reports and presentations.
  • Class 7: Final written business report due. Model presentations to business
    Executives (oral report), including examples of use. Self and group assessment.

Grading (Industrial Only)

  • 60 points (40%) Final Written Report (Group)
  • 50 points (33%) Oral Presentation (Individual)
  • 30 points (20%) Evaluations (Individual)
  • 10 points (7%) Homework (Individual)