METEO 414 Mesoscale Meteorology

Spring 2014 Prof. Paul Markowski 520 Walker email: phone (work): 814-865-9736

METEOROLOGY 414 Mesoscale Meteorology (4 credits)

Spring Semester, 2014
Time/Place: MWF, 11:15 AM - 1:10 PM, 126 Walker

Instructor: Prof. Paul Markowski,
520 Walker
phone (work): 814-865-9736

Teaching Assistant: Stephanie Hay
407 Walker

Office Hours:

By appointment (for both Markowski and Hay); the best time to chat with us is often during the lab portions of the class periods

Required Text:

Mesoscale Meteorology in Midlatitudes by P. Markowski and Y. Richardson. Available from Amazon here.

Optional Texts:

  • Mesoscale Meteorology and Forecasting, P. Ray, editor (available from the American Meteorological Society).
  • Cloud Dynamics, R. Houze, Academic Press.
  • Storm and Cloud Dynamics, W. Cotton and R. Anthes, Academic Press.

Exam Policy:

Students will be evaluated by way of three in-class exams on the following dates:

  1. Monday, February 17,
  2. Friday, March 28,
  3. Friday, May 2.

Except for illness, make-up exams will be conducted only for students who make arrangements with me prior to the scheduled exam time.

Grading Policy:

Exams will contribute 70% toward the final grade (the scores, ranked from best to worst, will contribute 30%, 25%, and 15%). Lab assignments will contribute 25%. Class participation (active, thoughtful contributions to class discussions will garner the best marks, in addition to simply being present) will contribute 5%.

Lab Assignments:

Students may collaborate on lab assignments, but the final product to be handed in should be your own work. (It is always very obvious who the leaders and followers are, especially after the first exam.) Approximately one hour will be devoted to lab work in most of the class periods. Lab assignments typically will be due within a few days or up to a week after the initial date of assignment. Technical accuracy, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and neatness will be considered in the lab grades.


Students who do not meet these prerequisites may be dis-enrolled during the first 10-day free add-drop period after being informed in writing by the instructor (see If you have not completed the listed prerequisites, then promptly consult with the instructor if you have not done so already. Students who re-enroll after being dis-enrolled according to this policy are in violation of Item 15 on the Student Code of Conduct (

Academic Integrity:

All students are expected to abide by the University guidelines, which can be viewed at