Giving to Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

Support the Meteorology Alumni and Faculty Trustee Scholarship

We have launched our first-ever group-funded undergraduate scholarship and are asking you to consider making a lasting contribution to help our students.  More Information:  Meteorology Alumni and Faculty Trustee Scholarship

Other Fundraising Priorities

Our other fund-raising priorities include scholarships, fellowships, and facility upgrades that will enhance the education experience of our current graduate and undergraduate students or help to recruit bright, promising students into our program.  Our three most critical areas for fund-raising:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships

Our main priority is to increase scholarship funds available to our undergraduates. Although we have many generous alumni and friends who have already endowed scholarships, our distribution is still extremely thin, with the majority of students receiving less than $1000 per year to support their education. Of ~200 students, only 45-50 students per year end up with scholarship money from our department. Considering the cost of Penn State's tuition, $1000 barely makes a dent in their costs and isn't enough to entice great students to enroll at Penn State. Although they know Penn State is a leader in the study of atmospheric science and meteorology, and they are enthusiastic about the opportunities we offer them, they often choose to study elsewhere due to financial limitations.

Please consider a new undergraduate scholarship endowment to help us retain and recruit our excellent students and prospects. It's very rewarding to invest in the futures of Penn State Meteorology students. A minimum gift of $50,000 is required for a named scholarship.  Please visit the "College/Campuses/Programs" page of and scroll down to read the information on "College/Campus Scholarship for more information on initiating a named scholarship.

  • Graduate Fellowships

Graduate fellowships are extremely important in recruiting and retaining brilliant graduate students into the Penn State meteorology program.  We currently have one active graduate fellowship, The Dennis and Joan Thomson Distinguished Graduate Fellowship. Increasing the amount of this fellowship is essential for us to meet the Graduate School's minimum threshold for distinguished graduate fellowships and to remain competitve in recruiting students into our graduate program.

  • Myers Weather Center Room Naming Opportunities

Our alumni have fond memories of the many hours they spent in the Myers Weather Center--we hear it from them all the time. After thirty years of serving Penn State Meteorology students, a major renovation was sorely needed. Our goal was to create a facility that will maintain the qualities that our alumni so cherish, and yet will serve the students and department well for the next thirty years.

The renovation was completed in 2009 and we are extremely proud of how it turned out, and we hope our alumni and friends are as well.  Although the renovation was costly, it has completely transformed the old weather station into a spectacular place to study, learn, and visit.  We are extremely pleased that Penn State Meteorology alumnus and AccuWeather founder and president, Joel N. Myers, pledged a two million dollar gift for the Weather Center facility--The Joel N. Myers Weather Center [full press release from Penn State Live].  We are still seeking gifts to name the individual rooms in the newly renovated Weather Center.  For more information about these naming opportunities, please contact the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Development Office (814-863-4691).  

Have your nmeteo-honor-wallame engraved on the Meteorology Honor Wall

The Meteorology Honor Wall is just inside the doors of the Joel N. Myers Weather Center and we would like to honor those who make a gift of $1000 or more to support the Joel Myers Weather Center in the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science by inscribing their name onto its beautiful smoked-glass panels.  

For more detailed information please view the solicitation letter and honor wall form below.

       Acrobat PDF icon Meteorology Honor Wall Solicitation Letter

       Acrobat PDF icon Meteorology Honor Wall Donation Form

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