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Windows Academic Printing:

Students may print up to 110 black-and-white pages each semester without incurring extra charges. The cost of these is subsidized by the information technology fee.   After 110 pages (or the equivalent in color pages), the Deparment of Meteorology provides and additional 90 pages per student per semester to be used in Meteorology Academic Areas.  After the 200 total pages, each additional page on non-color printers costs $0.05, regardless of how much is printed on the paper, or if one or two sides are used.

Larger paper and color printing are charged as a multiple of black-and-white printed pages, as follows:


Printer Type
Paper Size
Charge Per Page
Counts as x b&W pages
All Black and White Printers
8½" x 11" No $0.05 1
Color LaserJet
8½" x 11" Yes $0.15 3


In order to print more than 200 pages, you buy some pages with your LionCash+ account as described here.

Page counts are for sheets of paper, regardless of printing on one or both sides.   Duplex printing (both sides) is encouraged to save paper.

For more information please visit the CLC Printing Page.


Linux Research Printing:


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