Obtaining Other Compilers

The department systems provide compilers for the most popular languages. If you need compilers for different languages you should use the web search facilities described in the next paragraph and then contact support@meteo.psu.edu with information on what software you need installed, what it will be used for, and where it may be found on the web. If on the other hand you need a compiler for your personal computer you need only use the search facilities, download the software, and install it yourself.

It it possible to locate compilers for virtually any language. The choice of languages is greatest for the Linux operating system, fairly good for Windows, and narrower for Macintosh. Some commercial compilers are available through Penn State for Faculty, Staff and Students is available via the Microcomputer Order Center (MOC) at http://moc.cac.psu.edu/. Many others are available for download across the web. These, along with the even more numerous free compilers can be located by searching the web. The basic search query is "languagename compiler" (e.g. FORTRAN compiler) or "free languagename compiler". Several web sites have compiled lists of free compilers. Source Forge caters mostly to Linux but some of the compilers it lists have Windows or Macintosh versions. The Free Country caters equally to all operating systems. The Free Software Foundation's GNU organization is another Linux focused source with Windows or Macintosh versions of some compilers. All three of these sources include various tools and applications as well as compilers. Don't be surprised if some of the free compilers you find were designed for DOS, free programs don't always get updated regularly. Even DOS-based compilers can usually be run under Windows XP if you're careful about using DOS-compatible file names.

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