Feedback from Recruiters

We surveyed recruiters from prior years' events and here's what they had to say about their interaction with the students. These comments might prove to be very useful in preparing your resume and for your interview.

"Many of the students seemed to show their 'people' skills very well. However, some did not. Students should know that meteorological knowledge is just one part of the equation. Almost as important is how well they interact with other people."

"Weaknesses: Occasionally geography, especially elevations."

"Students may come into the interview with a few questions. It's fine for them to be scripted; it will make them look more interested in the company if they have some questions."

"Students should become familiar with benefit packages so they can compare with what is being offered."

"Students should ask for info on the area that the company is located, they need to get all the information they can in order to make a well-informed decision if the job is offered to them."

"Students seemed well-prepared forecasting- and science- wise."

"Students should be more knowledgeable about their current GPA--I like to have that information when interviewing."

"Students should clearly state their GPA on their resume."

"Students interested in forecasting need to make sure they are broadening their skills, whether it be broadcasting, computers, etc. They need to take advantage of everything available to them. I noticed that some students did not take advantage of extracurricular activities available to them. They need to do this!"

"I think the interaction with students immediately after the presentations is significant!"

"Take advantage of opportunities that give you experiences above the typical student...i.e. projects WxPro initiative, etc."

"Some students need more computer experience."

"Students need to sell themselves. They need to show more enthusiasm across the board."

"Take advantage of opportunities that are abundant in the department."

"I was pleasantly surprised at the way all of the interviewees conducted themselves--very mature, professional, little or no nervousness."

"Some interviewees tended to go off on a tangent when answering a question--or perhaps talked a bit too much.  This was more noticeable since our time limit was short."

"Students need to show excitement and enthusiasm in an interview. Even if they are naturally quiet, they need to fake it. People that get excited about what they do, or what they might potentially do at a company/agency, are likely to get a leg ahead of the others."

"Most of the students had done some research on our web site to learn a little something about our company and what we do. Seemed like many of the students were broadening their abilities...more of a focus on business, computers, etc."

"I noticed that the students I interviewed fell into two categories.  1)  Those who took advantage of opportunities around them and developed marketable skills (computers, self-starter, project management) and 2) those who did the basics to get a good education, and didn't have nearly as many marketable skills which they could rely on to sell themselves."

"The students had many strengths: intelligence, personality, involvement in campus activities, and goal setters."