Reimbursement Guidelines

Completing the Employee Reimbursement Request (ERS) Form

(ERS is a web-based application that will allow for the consistent application of the PSU travel policies across the University and in addition to the compilation of travel data required to obtain contracted rates.)

Employee Reimbursement Request Forms

(Fill in all required information on ERS form).  Forms available at:

CONUS Travel  (Continental US)

OCONUS Travel (Outside the Continental US)

All required receipts must be attached to the request form, including airfare passenger receipts.

  • Traveler’s Name

    Include Name and User ID Number

  • Report Name

    Include City and State (or Country) of travel

  • Business Purpose (Need to know “What” & “Why.” See examples below):

    Good purpose:  To give presentation at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (please do not use acronyms such as AMS for the name of conference)

    Bad purpose:  Attended Conference

  • Notes

    Please note any helpful information that applies to your travel here, such as: “not claiming hotel expenses – stayed with family or friends.” Or “not claiming airfare: airfare paid by conference sponsor.”

  • Departure/Arrival (this is important for calculating the correct per diem rates)

    Please be sure to enter departure and arrival information for all legs of the trip, including all locations, dates and times (to your destination and back).

  • Airfare

    If traveler goes outside the on-line system, proper documentation is required. If the proper documentation is not provided, the Travel Reimbursement Request for Exception form must be completed (form available at: Please note: processing of this exception form may delay reimbursement for several weeks. Exceptions require approval by the Corporate Controller’s Office.


O-Conus Travel (Travel outside the contiguous 48 States)

  • A traveler is NOT eligible to claim lodging if they are in transit in an aircraft, bus, train, etc.

  • A traveler is NOT permitted to combine reimbursement methods

    i.e., Claim actual hotel expenses based on receipts and claim per diem for meals.  If a traveler wishes to claim actual expenses for their O-Conus travel they must have prior approval from the Financial Officer.


Things to remember:

  • Business telephone calls and Internet connections must have a business purpose attached.

  • Books or readings from a conference with the appropriate receipts attached.

  • Gas for RENTAL CARS ONLY, with attached receipts

  • Field supplies with itemized receipts


ENTERING EXPENSE REPORTS - The employee, who has incurred the expense, provides the backup documentation to a delegated staff member who will enter the expenses on the employee's behalf. The delegate will then notify the employee through email notification that the expense report is ready to SUBMIT.

SUBMITTING EXPENSE REPORTS - For expenses entered into ERS by a delegate, the employee is required to SUBMIT the expense report by logging in and agreeing that the expenses are true and accurate and that no reimbursement has already been requested or received by another source. This electronic approval/submission process will occur after the expense details have been entered and will take place of the paper signature. Instructions for this procedure can be found on-line at

ASSIGNING DELEGATES - Delegates have initially been added for each EMS employee as designated by your unit's budget assistant. Delegates have the ability to prepare reports and view receipts. As changes are required to the list of delegates, employees have the ability to manage their ERS profile for updating delegates. Instructions for adding delegates can be found online at

MANAGING EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS - ERS allows for an employee and delegates to be notified for changes in status of an existing report. These email notification can be managed in ERS - instructions can be found on-line at

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