Hotel Receipts

  • Travelers are required to use their personal credit card for all lodging expenses and then request reimbursement on the travel support form. Itemized receipts are required.

  • In the case where a traveler or travel arranger purchases a discounted hotel room rate on-line, itemized receipts may be difficult to obtain. The best chance to get an itemized receipt is for the traveler to let them know a receipt is required when checking in. Most hotels will accommodate this request. If the traveler is unsuccessful in obtaining an itemized receipt, the traveler is required to obtain a business card from the hotel manager and attach it to a memo of explanation to include a phone number of the hotel.

  • If you share a room with a spouse or personal guest, you must make sure the hotel rate is the same for a single or double room, so it is clear that the University is not being charged extra costs for a second person to stay in the room.  This must be indicated on the hotel receipt by the front desk or it must be provided in some other type of official documentation. 

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