Report a Facilities Issue

Information on how to report a facilities issue (e.g. elevator, leaking pipes, etc.)

Please report any problems with rooms or facilities using the email address below.  Please give an adequate description of the problem using room names and numbers or a specific location. (e.g. "the right-hand elevator as you are standing and facing the elevators").

If necessary, the issue will be sent to the Area Services group in OPP, who will assign personnel to correct the problem. Issues can take a few hours to a few days to be addressed depending on the nature of the problem and the availability of OPP personnel.

Some examples of issues that you should report to us are:

Light bulbs are out

Door does not close all the way
Door closes too fast and slams
Door is hard to open - "sticks"
Door is very hard to unlock

Room air handler is too loud
Pipes are dripping or leaking
Faucet is dripping or leaking
Restroom toilet overflow

Elevators not working properly
Electrical outlets that have no power

And anything else along these lines

If there is a more serious situation, such as
- burning smell
- broken pipe, water gushing

Please alert someone in the main office (502 Walker) immediately, or after hours, please call:
- OPP emergency help line:  (814) 865-4731
- Police Services: 865-2222

In case of Fire or Medical Emergency, Call 911 or Police Services (865-2222)