How are FT&R Faculty promoted?

The College of EMS acknowledges that FT&R faculty play a different role within the college than tenure-track faculty. While FT&R faculty duties and responsibilities can be categorized into the areas of teaching, research, service and administration, FT&R faculty job descriptions rarely require that these individuals be responsible for demonstrating evidence of accomplishment in EACH of these areas as are tenured faculty. As a result, FT&R faculty have different career paths and should be evaluated differently than tenure-track faculty. It is important that FT&R faculty evaluation be based upon each FT&R faculty's unique career context.

A new, updated document containing promotion guidelines for fixed-term and research faculty is awaiting final approval from Executive Council and is included at:
for general reference.  We will update the link upon final approval.

For the college’s official documentation regarding conditions of appointment, evaluation and promotion for research and instructional faculty members who are not subject to the provisions of tenure click here



The College policy left the details of the promotion review process up to the departments and institutes. The official document detailing the policy outlined by the Department of Meteorology can be found here.

Promotion Review Committees

Each of the academic departments has its own FT&R Faculty Promotion Committee to whom candidates present their case for promotion. The Institutes have combined to form their own FT&R Faculty Promotion Committee whose membership is listed here: 

2011/2012 FT & R Faculty Promotion Review Committee (please check!!!)
The college’s FT&R faculty promotion review committee is made up of representatives from the various departments in the college.  The Meteorology Department is represented

by Jon Nese (

*Todd Bacastow - Geography

Caroline Burgess Clifford - Institutes' Representative

Serguei Lvov - Appointed by the Dean

Jon Nese -Meteorology

Donna Peuquet - Appointed by the Dean

Mark Radomsky - Energy and Mineral Engineering

Yumiko Watanabe - Geosciences

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