FT&R Promotion Overview

Promotion guidelines and timetable

Promotion Guidelines Background

  • Each department has own FT&R Faculty Promotion Committee (2 FT&R members, one tenured); details left to each department
  • College has FT&R Faculty Promotion Review Committee with representatives from departments
  • Approximately six years before promotion (guideline)
  • In fall 2008, FT&R Advisory Committee began to discuss strategies to facilitate a promotion process that would do the following:
    • Improve understanding across all units of the role of fixed term and research faculty
    • Clarify the evaluation criteria for promotion
    • Clarify the differences in the emphasis areas and/or role expertise, (teaching, research, administration, or service) that FT&R faculty bring to the work they do
    Guidelines adopted November 2012


  • Accumulated annual reviews are a key component for building case for promotion (faculty activity summary, annual review and updated job description with supervisor by end of April)
  • Suggested timetable:
    • Oct 31 (nominations submitted with supervisor / mentor to department head and review committee)
    • Dec 31 (committee recommendations to department head)
    • Jan 31 (department head forwards to FT&R Promotion Review committee)
    • March 30 (committee forwards recommendations to Dean)
    • May 31 (Dean notifies faculty of decision)

FT&R Faculty titles and Career Path