Christopher Hyde ('88 BS)

Energy Weather Consultant and Manager of Product Sales at MDA Federal

Christopher Hyde is an Energy Weather Consultant (Meteorologist) and Manager of Product Sales of the MDA EarthSat Weather group at MDA Federal Inc. (formerly Earth Satellite Corporation) in Rockville, Maryland. Mr. Hyde has been employed with MDA Federal Inc. for over nine years. Phone consultation with industry traders and meteorologists about MDA EarthSat Weather’s forecast view is part of the daily routine for Mr. Hyde. Chris also specializes in forecasting unique areas in the tropics geared toward clients customized needs. Besides forecast responsibilities, Mr. Hyde markets MDA EarthSat Weather’s energy products by letting current clients know about new products and finding perspective energy clients.

Mr. Hyde has been invited to speak to a number of energy conferences and individual corporations and routinely speaks to energy groups 15-20 times a year.

Chris Hyde received his B.S. in Meteorology from The Pennsylvania State University in 1998. Mr. Hyde has training in radio and television communication as well.