Fall 2014 Syllabi

EM SC 100S Lee FA14

Section 002: The Science of Climate and the History of Climate Change T Th, 11:15-12:30, Room 10 Deike Instructor: Sukyoung Lee

EM SC 100S Mann FA14

Climate Change and Potential Societal Impacts Teaching Assistant: Nichole Marsh Meeting Time/Place: T R 2:30 – 3:45 PM (10 DEIKE)

METEO 003 Syrett FA14

Introductory Meteorology Section 2: MWF 1220-1310 Section 3: MWF 1325-1415 MF(lecture) and W(lab or exams)in room 109 Walker 606C Walker Instructor: William Syrett

METEO 201 Nese FA14

Introduction to Weather Analysis Monday & Wednesday 8:00-8:50 AM, 112 Walker Lab: Section 1, Friday 12:20-2:15 PM, 607 Walker Section 2, Friday 8:00-9:55 AM, 607 Walker Instructor: Dr. Jon Nese

METEO 300 Najjar FA14

Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science MWF 2:30-3:20pm (112 Walker) R 2:30-3:45 (358 Willard) Instructor-Dr. Ray Najjar

METEO 411 Greybush FA14

Synoptic Meteorology Lab T, R 8-9:15am (Lecture) W, F 10:10-11am (Lab) 101 Walker Building Instructor: Steven Greybush TA: Kyle Elliott

METEO 415 Knight FA14

Forecasting Practicum Tu,Th 8:00-11:00 a.m. Paul Knight Location: 607 Walker Offices: 606A Walker

METEO 421 Najjar FA14

Atmospheric Dynamics MWF 9:05-9:55am, R 4:15-5:30pm 124 Walker Building Instructor - Dr. Ray Najjar

METEO 422 Zhang FA14

Advanced Dynamic Meteorology MWF 2:30-3:30pm 101 Walker Instructor Dr. Fuqing Zhang

METEO 431 Harrington FA14

Atmospheric Thermodynamics MWF 12:20-1:10pm 12 Walker Building Instructor: Jerry Harrington TA: Steve Simon

METEO 436 Clothiaux FA14

Radiation and Climate Tu-01:00-02:00 PM (Room 126 Walker) W-05:30-07:00 PM (Room 529 Walker) Th-09:30-11:00 AM (Room 511 Walker) Instructor-Dr Eugene Clothiaux

METEO 440W Huff FA14

Principles of Atmospheric Measurements Lecture: Thursdays, 2:30-3:45 PM, 126 Walker Lab: Tuesdays, 2:30-5:30 PM, 126 Walker Instructor - Dr. Amy Huff

METEO 520 Bannon FA14

GEOPHYSICAL FLUID DYNAMICS Mon., Wed., and Fri. at 11:15-12:05 p.m. 218A Hosler Instructor: Peter Bannon

METEO 554 Chamecki FA14

Atmospheric Turbulence T, R 9:25-11am 201 Electrical Engineering West Instructor: Marcelo Chamecki

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