Suggested Minors for Meteorology Students

This link also includes entry to minor requirements.

Entry-to-Minor Changes

Effective early October 2011, a new eLion application, Minor Declaration, was introduced. You no longer will need to use the current paper application; so, in most cases, you won't have to solicit the signatures of your faculty adviser and the professor who oversees the minor. You will be able to declare the minor for the current semester or the next successive semester. The application will provide a listing of Undergraduate minors with links to the University Bulletin.

Note the following

  • entry to a minor requires a semester standing of five or higher
  • the minor must not be the same as your major
  • some minors are not permissible, depending on your major (e.g. EBF Energy Systems students cannot be in the Energy Engineering minor)
  • some minors have enrollment controls (so you must go to the department that offers the minor to see if you are eligible )
  • some minors have additional fees (e.g. IST minors); you will need to confirm that you accept the fee. The Bursar’s Office will be notified of  your enrollment in the minor and post the fee to your account.
  • if it's your graduation semester, you must: add a minor prior to the Late Drop deadline; add a minor with a fee prior to the Regular Drop deadline.

You can use the eLion Student Academic Summary application to view the minors you are enrolled in.