Climate Science Dual-Title PhD Program

Climate Science (CLSCI)


Program Director: 

Professor of Climate Dynamics Chris Forest, Program Director
507 Walker Bldg.

Degree Conferred

Students electing this degree program through participating programs earn a degree with a dual title in the Ph.D., i.e., Ph.D. in (graduate program name) and Climate Science.

The following graduate programs offer dual degrees in Climate Science:

Ph.D. in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Anthropology, Civil Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, and Statistics.

The Program

The Climate Science dual-title degree program is administered by the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science for the participating graduate programs. A program committee with representatives from each participating department maintains program definition, identifies courses appropriate to the program, and recommends policy and procedures for the program's operation to the dean of the Graduate School and to the deans of the participating colleges. The dual-title degree program is offered through participating programs in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences and, where appropriate, other graduate programs in the University. The program enables students from several graduate programs to gain the perspectives, techniques, and methodologies of Climate Science, while maintaining a close association with major program areas of application. Climate Science is a field devoted to the study of Earth’s climate in the past, present, and future. A particular focus is understanding the effects of human activities (anthropogenic impacts) and natural forcing on climate.

Admission Requirements

Students must be admitted to their primary graduate program and The Graduate School before they can apply for admission to the dual-title degree program. Students must be admitted into the dual-title degree program in Climate Science no later than the end of the fourth semester (not counting summer semesters) of entry into the primary Ph.D. program and before taking the comprehensive exam.

Graduate students with research and educational interests in climate science may apply to the Climate Science Dual-Title Degree Program. Students must submit to the program director transcripts of their undergraduate and graduate course work, a written personal statement indicating the career goals they hope to serve by attaining a Climate Science dual title, and a statement of support from their dissertation adviser. A strong preparation in the basic sciences is expected, with evidence of an interest in multiple disciplines.

Additional Information

For additional information such as detailed degree requirements, a list of the graduate faculty, and courses required, please review the Climate Science Dual-Title Handbook.